Silk | Scarves

My silk scarves are made of 100% caterpillar silk, with patterns of my own design, individually painted by hand. I mostly paint classic large shawls (90x90cm) and long stoles (45x180cm), both of which are decorative clothing accessories.

My silks fit easily into both casual and elegant wear, they are great accessories for a denim combination as well as an evening one.

In addition to the decorativeness, the silk is extremely comfortable to wear, despite its thinness, it retains heat and moisture well, it is a completely natural skin-friendly textile.

In addition to the finished pieces shown here, I design and make shawls and stoles tailored to individual needs, also for particular occasions, it can be a special event, anniversary, graduation and my silks are also popular as exclusive corporate gifts.

The shawls will be handed in a gift box. When ordering a gift, the packaging is also solved, and the box is practical and protects the material during traveling and storing it at home.