I was born in Budapest in 1974, graduated in 2000 as a woven fabric designer at the University of Applied Arts.

In addition to material design, I was always interested in shaping interiors, making them homely and intimate. So I started from the world of tapestry, found silk, and through silk scarves and space textiles arrived at silk images.

Since 2010, I also make oil paintings.

I consider it important that our objects, homes and community spaces surrounding us be harmonious, suitable for contemplation, renewal and recharging. I researching this in both silk and oil painting…


2010-2017 Sun Road Academy of Arts
1994-2000 Hungarian University of Applied Arts
1996 Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Bratislava
1997-98 Hochschule der Künste, Berlin
1999 Escuela de Diseno, Barcelona


2020. Hegyvidék Cultural Salon, Budapest (solo exhibition)
2019. Barabás Villa, Budapest (exhibition with painters Edina Kulcsár and Katalin Őri)
2019. House of Arts, Gödöllő (exhibition with painters Edina Kulcsár and Katalin Őri)
2019. B32 Gallery, Budapest (Silver and Silk, exhibition with goldsmith Klára Abaffy)
2017. Old School Gallery, Solymár (solo exhibition with painter Edina Kulcsár)
2016. Limes Gallery, Komarno (as a member of the Napút Academy of Arts)
2015. Old School Gallery, Solymár
2012. Józsefváros Gallery, Budapest
2010. Balaton Museum, Keszthely
2009. Vár Gallery, Sárvár (exhibition with painter Csaba Fürjesi and sculptor András Kontur)
2008. San Marco Gallery, Budapest
2007. FISE Gallery, Budapest (exhibition with textile designer Dóra Lajosi)
2006. Wohndesign, Vienna (with SIXAY furniture)
2005. Wohndesign, Vienna (with SIXAY furniture)
2004. San Marco Gallery, Budapest and FISE Gallery, Budapest
1999. FISE Gallery, Budapest (exhibition with ceramic artist Mária Rédly)